New crafts

I've been trying to step up my crafting game lately. It's a lot harder to get stuff done with a baby, especially when you're trying to be creative.

I finished this reversible little wrap dress for my nice. I love how it turned out. It isn't perfect, but it is pretty good.



Our neighbors got a new puppy and I couldn't resist whipping up this little sweater for her. As you can tell, she kinda likes it.

The baby may or may not be teething- either way he is drooling like a damn zombie and so I whipped up a few extra drool bibs.

 new drool bibs

I also managed to knock out a new pair of baby pants for him that I totally copied from a pair of pants that he has from the Harajuku Mini line. I traced the pants and sewed my own. I can't believe how good they turned out!

new pants

butt model


a day at the beach

Seal beach

she sells seashells

I am tired

Lucas started rice cereal. He ate it, but I'm pretty sure he was disappointed he didn't get pureed bacon.

Rice cereal and tuxedo

He had his 4 month checkup and he weighs 16 pounds, 1 ounce and is 26 inches long. That's 95th percentile in height and weight for those of you who follow those sorts of things.


I am digging the pixie hat I made him from this book

pixy hat



More baby stuff

I know that right now Lucas gets more excited about his hand than any toy sitting under the christmas tree, but that didn't stop me from getting him a few gifts this year.

I really like this teether rattle called a Skywinkle. I think Lucas will be intrigued by it too.

They are a bit advanced for him right now, but these wood stacking blocks shaped like ocean waves are awesome. They are made in Germany by Grimm's Spiel and Holz designs with non-toxic paint. I think my little beach baby will love them.

This little frog rattle from Habra is also made with non-toxic paints. 

And of course I had to get him a few cute t-shirts. Threadless was having a sale.


ok, where did the year go?

I feel like it was just Christmas and was telling my family that I was pregnant. Now I have a 4 month old and it's the holidays again. At least this time I can eat drink and be merry.

Who wore it better?

This app is the best .99 I have ever spent. behold:

I'm going to remake every photo I've ever taken.

We took a walk on the beach. Lucas had a good time until he fell asleep.

fun in the sun

He's totally into his jumper right now. It cracks me up watching him dangle from this thing. His movements are a little frantic and he looks like a puppet on a string.


I can finally post a picture of the little wrap dress I made for Stephanie's little Ginny. I can't wait to see it on her! I am making another one for my niece right now.

baby wrap dress


whats up

my baby is crazy cute

my little baby

I can't believe it's already Christmas

Yule tide yoda

i made grilled lamb with this recipe. it was really good. i left out the mint and parsley.

Grilled rack of lamb

I took a trip to Rogers Gardens, it was gorgeous

thats all i got. 


stuff I have been making

I made a lot of stuff before the baby was born, with my awesome new sewing machine.

Behold my favorite craft tool, the Bernina

these are the best burp rags. the chenille really holds a lot of liquids.


these pee pee tee pees get a lot of use too.

pee pee tee pee

I am pretty proud of this stroller bag and matching changing pad.

diaper bag and changing pad

changing pad

these pants are the shit

looking fly

and these little fabrics are going to be made into some lovely christmas gifts

fabric porn